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‘Lost’ Palin-Couric footage may air tonight

October 1, 2008

TPM has the scoop. We’ll all get to enjoy her stumbling over stuff you should have learned in 10th grade.

According to recent polls,¬†Obama is leading by 50 percent or more in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Perhaps the damage is already done and it’s time to hang Sarah out to dry.

We’ll see. In the meantime, keep reading every newspaper and magazine that’s put in front of you.

Couric-Palin: The director’s cut

September 30, 2008

Brown v Board of Education, Plessy v Ferguson, Falwell v Flynt.

It seems Gov. Palin wasn’t paying attention in her 10th-grade Civics class. CBS News, by not airing that clip, isn’t keeping up with its tradition as being a pinko commie leftist socialist network.

Latest Palin Gaffe: Can’t Name Supreme Court Case Other Than Roe V. Wade

Dan Rather is rolling in his grave.

Wait, he’s still alive? I need more coffee.