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One last Election ’08 post

November 5, 2008

My good friend Andrew just summed up the whole Obamarama, or Obamanation, or whatever you choose to call it:

Obama basically blew up the death star last night and we are all Ewoks.


Gov. Palin = New Coke

October 24, 2008

Remember New Coke? It was fresh and sweet and hip. For about a week.

Then the backlash set in, and (surprise) Coke announced it was going back to it’s “classic, original formula.” For a while, you had both brands, a “choice.” Then, New Coke disappeared, only to be heard from on bad VH1 shows and blog posts from guys who don’t want to do any real work on a Friday afternoon.

Well, after seeing this today, it’s time to make it official. Gov. Sarah Palin is this century’s New Coke. All fizzle and little substance. Without a shred of staying power.

I don’t have a foreign policy adviser, but if I did, I wouldn’t hire a stylist who makes nearly twice the salary of my foreign policy adviser. IJS.

Another sign of GOP division

October 23, 2008

I’ve been rambling for days about how the GOP is headed for a split into two parties:

  • One that promotes individual rights, low taxes and limited government spending, and
  • One that wants government ready for the Rapture.

Anyone who paid attention in U.S. history class knows the seeds of the Reagan Revolution were planted in 1964 by Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater. That’s why this column by his granddaughter is more proof that the GOP is anything but united.

Baseless attacks and desperate measures got Sen. McCain the nomination of his party. It’s also losing him the election.

Exactly where is this ‘Liberal media’ that you speak of?

October 20, 2008

I sure can’t find it locally. Or from Brand X.

Must just be all them media elites up on the East Coast. In New York. You know, the home of The Wall Street Journal and Fox News.

‘Lost’ Palin-Couric footage may air tonight

October 1, 2008

TPM has the scoop. We’ll all get to enjoy her stumbling over stuff you should have learned in 10th grade.

According to recent polls,¬†Obama is leading by 50 percent or more in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Perhaps the damage is already done and it’s time to hang Sarah out to dry.

We’ll see. In the meantime, keep reading every newspaper and magazine that’s put in front of you.