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A moment of silence, please

October 8, 2008

For the blog’s namesake, who lost his job yesterday. Colorado manager Clint Hurdle threw his first mate under the bus. Baseball is a cold, cold game, my friends.

The Rockies decided to shuffle some deck chairs, firing most of their coaches, including one James Quirk.

The bright side is he can return to his beloved Royals, or hopefully find a job as a manager somewhere.

The black armbands are out today.

Remember Mark McGwire?

September 9, 2008

Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports has an excellent column on the 10th anniversary of McGwire’s (then record-breaking) 62nd home run, which came of his (alleged) steroid-enhanced bat 10 years ago.

Aside fromĀ its failure to share TV revenues fairly, baseball’s turning a blind eye to the “steroid era” is the worst thing that’s happened to the game since the 1981 players’ strike and 1994 owners’ lockout.

Long-time Royals fans will remember that the summer of ’94 was the last great run for your boys in blue. After running off a 10-game win streak that August, baseball was shut down for the rest of the year. And we began using the words “big market,” “haves,” and “have nots” in our sports vocabulary.

But steroids brought the fans back. In most cities, anyway. They still haven’t returned to Kansas City or Pittsburgh, and were they ever in Miami? Chicks dug the longball.

Sure, the Royals were owned by a trust for most of the late 90s and early 00s, and poor management and drafts also hurt, but a lack of big hitters and big payrolls changed the game in K.C., likely forever.

Sorry to ramble here, but all this recalling of 1998 kind of struck a nerve. Mark McGwire should be ashamed of himself. The Maris family still wants its single-season home run record back. I say we give it to them.

Bad team mash-up starts tonight

August 25, 2008

Here’s a new comedy series I can enjoy during lulls in tonight’s DNC coverage on PBS, CNN and Comedy Central. Sorry, Fox News, but I don’t dig your overhyped reports about “leftist protests” and other scary things in Denver.

Nothing cures the blues like a Rangers-Royals game. Given that one is my hometown team and the other is my current home team, I’m usually conflicted on such issues. But tonight, as both teams sink lower in the standings and sports sections, I’ll just sit back and laugh.

The first joke has already been told. The Rangers shipped their closer to Minnesota for some guy named Hamburger. Yummy.

Hello world!

August 22, 2008

Here’s my new blog. Blog, blog, blog, blog.

I’ve chosen the title out of my lifelong love of the Kansas City Royals and their cult hero, Jamie Quirk. If you’re not sure why he’s a cult hero, read the second paragraph of this Wiki page.

Naturally, this blog will also be filled with news and notes from my other lifelong love, the Kansas Jayhawks. And (of course), some thoughts on a bit of everything else, especially politics.

So enjoy.