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Husker Du

November 5, 2008

Now that this is settled, let’s focus our attention on securing this nomination.

It all begins Saturday in the other Memorial Stadium. Nebraska fans are among the classiest in the Big 12, but for KU, it’s been a tough road trip for the past 40 years.

The effort from the Jayhawk running game and defensive line and linebackers impressed me last week. Pressuring the quarterback will be key, but the secondary needs a strong effort.

Joe Ganz threw the ball at will last year, and I don’t think the 2008 offense can score as many points vs. Big Red as last year’s did.

Here are some fun facts and tidbits, courtesy

  • TWO YEARS IN A ROW — For the second season in a row, Kansas enters the Nebraska game with a better overall record than the Huskers as the Jayhawks are 6-3, while Nebraska is 5-4.  Last year KU entered the game with an 8-0 mark, while Nebraska was 4-5.  Prior to last year, the last time the Jayhawks entered a meeting with Nebraska with a better record was 1974 when KU was 4-1 and Nebraska 3-2.  The teams had identical records in 1981 (both 5-2) and 2006 (both 3-1).
  • THE KU-NU SERIES — Nebraska leads the all-time series by an 88-23-3 count, including a 42-15-2 advantage in games played in Lincoln.  The Jayhawks have won two of the last three meetings with the loss, a 39-32 overtime decision at Lincoln in 2006.  Prior to KU’s win in 2005, Nebraska had won 36 consecutive games from 1969-2004.
  • THE NATION’S LONGEST UNINTERRUPTED SERIES – Kansas and Nebraska will be meeting for the 103rd consecutive season, making the series the nation’s longest uninterrupted.  Minnesota and Wisconsin have played 101 consecutive times heading into 2008, while Clemson and South Carolina have met 99 straight years before this season.  KU’s series with Kansas State (now 99 straight) and with Oklahoma (96 straight between 1903-97) round out the top five.
  • NATION’S THIRD-MOST PLAYED SERIES — The Kansas-Nebraska series is the third-most played series in the country as the teams will be meeting for the 115th time since the first game in 1892.  Only Minnesota-Wisconsin (117 meetings) and Kansas-Missouri (116 meetings) have met more times than these two programs.

Early prediction: KU 33, Nebraska 24


Way to kill my buzz, dudes

September 3, 2008

I was still “high” from being part of Saturday’s record-breaking crowd for the Jayhawks’ 40-10 win over FIU, and this hit my inbox.

That NBA money may be guaranteed, but you’ve still got to use common sense, boys.

Jayhawk football has arrived

August 28, 2008

Throughout this offseason, many a Jayhawk Nation member has made reference to the football program’s “arrival.” In between remembering that the basketball team won the national championship. How many has the University of Missouri won?

But I digress.

Some say it came with (another) record number for season tickets, others the fact that two non-conference games are on national TV. Then, when two backup running backs announced their intentions to transfer during fall practice, another group chimed in.

Everyone can agree it’s the new football-only facility next to the stadium, right? I mean, you’re still a football school if your football offices are in the same space as the other sports?

I think the recent changes to tailgating and parking have signaled the program’s arrival. SEC schools would look on this at laugh. But they’re way ahead of the Big 12. They’re into giant houndstooth hats.

Now that’s a football school.

Hello world!

August 22, 2008

Here’s my new blog. Blog, blog, blog, blog.

I’ve chosen the title out of my lifelong love of the Kansas City Royals and their cult hero, Jamie Quirk. If you’re not sure why he’s a cult hero, read the second paragraph of this Wiki page.

Naturally, this blog will also be filled with news and notes from my other lifelong love, the Kansas Jayhawks. And (of course), some thoughts on a bit of everything else, especially politics.

So enjoy.