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Jayhawk football has arrived

August 28, 2008

Throughout this offseason, many a Jayhawk Nation member has made reference to the football program’s “arrival.” In between remembering that the basketball team won the national championship. How many has the University of Missouri won?

But I digress.

Some say it came with (another) record number for season tickets, others the fact that two non-conference games are on national TV. Then, when two backup running backs announced their intentions to transfer during fall practice, another group chimed in.

Everyone can agree it’s the new football-only facility next to the stadium, right? I mean, you’re still a football school if your football offices are in the same space as the other sports?

I think the recent changes to tailgating and parking have signaled the program’s arrival. SEC schools would look on this at laugh. But they’re way ahead of the Big 12. They’re into giant houndstooth hats.

Now that’s a football school.

Bad team mash-up starts tonight

August 25, 2008

Here’s a new comedy series I can enjoy during lulls in tonight’s DNC coverage on PBS, CNN and Comedy Central. Sorry, Fox News, but I don’t dig your overhyped reports about “leftist protests” and other scary things in Denver.

Nothing cures the blues like a Rangers-Royals game. Given that one is my hometown team and the other is my current home team, I’m usually conflicted on such issues. But tonight, as both teams sink lower in the standings and sports sections, I’ll just sit back and laugh.

The first joke has already been told. The Rangers shipped their closer to Minnesota for some guy named Hamburger. Yummy.

More posts coming soon

August 24, 2008

I’ve got a busy week ahead, but hope to get rolling here on JQFC. Stay tuned.

Hello world!

August 22, 2008

Here’s my new blog. Blog, blog, blog, blog.

I’ve chosen the title out of my lifelong love of the Kansas City Royals and their cult hero, Jamie Quirk. If you’re not sure why he’s a cult hero, read the second paragraph of this Wiki page.

Naturally, this blog will also be filled with news and notes from my other lifelong love, the Kansas Jayhawks. And (of course), some thoughts on a bit of everything else, especially politics.

So enjoy.